BTech Projects

The B. Tech students are required to do projects in their final year of the degree course and the projects to be done by them differs according to the branch of their study. Some of the project ideas for different branches of B. Tech are given below:

B. Tech Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering is used almost in all industries and almost all the product used by us in everyday life is touched by a mechanical engineer in one way or another. Some of the project ideas for B. Tech mechanical engineering are as follows:

  • Safety and manufacture of three wheeler rickshaws
  • Knowledge based reasoning model for fault diagnosis
  • Development of expert system for designing of watches
  • Three dimensional crash modeling of vehicles
  • System to automate decision making in a manufacturing unit

B. Tech in Electronics:

Electronics Engineering is one of the most preferred branches in the B. Tech degree course and some project ideas for B. Tech electronics engineering is given below:

  • Water meter and sprinkler controller
  • Climate controller
  • Designing of Electronic circuits
  • Designing and optimization of Nonlinear tapers
  • Speech enhancement using adaptive filtering algorithm

B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering:

These professionals are in great demand in top rated IT companies and some of the project ideas for B. Tech computer science engineers are given below:

  • Website security analyzing
  • Network intrusion detection system using data mining
  • Three dimension path guider
  • Modeling and quality evaluation of web services
  • Semantic Web search engine
  • .

The selection and successful completion of the project in the final year will be an added advantage and crucial for B. Tech students to get the jobs in Multi-national companies and other top rated organizations. Some universities or colleges might also conduct a Viva-voce on the project done in the final year to evaluate the students.


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    sir i m 3rd student & i want to do project in computer science & engineering plz provide me some idea which can be best for me

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    Im studying b-tech 3rd year
    please,suggest me some topics for my miniproject
    in java
    Thanx in advance

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    i am a student of 3rd year
    and suggest me project for my mini project lab

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    Hi, i am studying 3rd year Mechanical Engineering course. Please suggest me any topic for the project for the final year.

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    i’m 5th sem mechanical student.pls provide some topic for the project work in the final year

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    I want the project topic for my last year means project.Basically I want the project in java.please kindly consider it.