BTech In Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering finds place in almost all fields of technology. It is one of the branches of engineering which have always remained in demand and will continue to have demand in the future as well. Mechanical engineers are being hired in large numbers in both private and public sector. Their work criteria will differ according to the company for which they work. With the development of industrial sector, mechanical engineering is having a good scope. Every manufacturing company requires mechanical engineers for carrying out jobs flawlessly and efficiently for their companies.

Mechanical engineers deal with designing and controlling of a system that is being used in the process of manufacturing the product or machinery of a company. New systems are being tested by mechanical engineers of a company for knowing the efficiency and feasibility of the system and they also carry out improvement and quality management process of that system. Some of the industries where mechanical engineers are appointed include automobile engineering industry, power generation industry, chemical and cement industry, steel industry, communication, paper, computer and aerospace. Nowadays, mechanical engineers are being appointed in bio-medical and environmental fields as well. To make it simple, almost all the product used by us in everyday life is touched by a mechanical engineer in one way or another.

Even though, the Pay-scale might differ according to the type of company where the mechanical engineer is being appointed, even small and medium scale industries pays a minimum of Rs.12500 to Rs.19500 for fresh B. Tech mechanical engineers and in some reputed companies like Larsen and Toubro (L&T), they will be able to get a minimum pay rate of Rs.15000 to Rs.30000 as a fresher.

Mechanical engineers can also find jobs in public sector companies like Indian Air force, India Railways, Thermal power corporations, Indian Army, etc… and they can get good pay packages as well.


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    i have completed my diploma in mech engg so i need degrree by correspondence

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    I have completed my diploma in mech engg (1994-97) & 12 Yrs. Experience so i want to do the degree by correspondence

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    this is a very good university . . . . please tell me procedure of admission in B.Tech (Mechanical Engineer)

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    i want admission B.Tech(Mechanical Engineering)