After BTech

Most of the students will get a doubt as to what to do after graduation? They face a dilemma whether to go for higher education or to go in search of jobs. Even, B. Tech graduates face the same question. Some might opt for jobs due to their family situation and some wish to go for higher education.

Education after B. Tech:

When it comes to pursuing higher education after completion of B. Tech course, the students have several options. The students can do M. Tech since there is a great demand for M. Tech graduates for faculty position in engineering colleges all over India. The students can also do other courses like M.S, IPS/IAS, NDA/Navy or they can even do finance related courses like MBA.

Indian Civil Service Commission:

The Indian Civil Service Commission is regarded as the backbone of India. Even though, IT industry is making a good pay for the professionals, many students prefer to take up Indian Civil Service Commission exams. This is because of the great respect attached to the Civil Service Officers in India. The top positions in Indian Civil Service Commission are being bagged by professionals from various industries and becoming an IAS Officer is a dream for most of the students. So, students can also take up the Civil Service Commission exams after completing their B. Tech.

Jobs after B. Tech:

Irrespective of your branch taken in B. Tech, you can get jobs through the campus placement opportunities given by your college. Otherwise, you can also start your own business after B. Tech or you can find placement in other industry like call centers, BPO jobs and you can also look for lecturer jobs in colleges, if you are really interested in teaching profession.


Since higher education courses are offered via distant education programs by different universities, you can continue your higher education while working. This will be helpful for you to gain experience and do higher education at the same time.


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  1. 1

    sir, im a btech Ist year student in production engg. I have set some goals in my life . after btech it is my dream to join the NDA . Its my passion to work as a naval officer for my country. I would like to know,whether after btech aspirants can join the NDA or not. I would also like to know the selection procedures.
    hope i’ll get areply soon..

    Thanking you.

    Yours Sincerely,


  2. 2

    Im btech 2nd year (Electronics&Communications) but Iam interested to work under Mechanical jobs do i have the preference as Im a ece student or should i do Ms in mechanical or should i aspire for some for hard ware jobs
    hope I get the reply soon

  3. 3

    Sir, I am a btech 3rd year student in ECE dept. My aim is to work as a army officer. I would like to know the ways to enter into NDA after btech. hope i vl get reply soon..

  4. 4

    Sir, I am a btech 4th year student in ECE dept. My aim is to work as a army officer. I would like to know the ways to enter into NDA after btech. hope i vl get reply soon..

  5. 5

    Sir, iam a btech 1st year student(Electronics and Communications). My life ambition is to work as a naval officer for my country. That’s my goal. I would like to know if iam eligible to join in navy as iam from ECE(b-tech) department. And i would also like to know the procedures for selections. Iam looking forward to your reply, sir.